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How to Play

  • Create 2x2 squares to clear contiguous groups of colored blocks.
  • Drop the Void block on top of any block to clear all blocks of that color.
  • Feedback or bugs? Contact me at br80@br80.io

Art & Music

Earn coins and gems by playing to unlock cool new songs and skins from talented artists!


Hard Drop

Points = [SPEED]

Tap the lower-middle of the well (Balanced or Modern) or up (Classic) to perform a "hard drop" and earn points equal to the current game speed.

This is the easiest way to earn points and they add up: Performing a hard drop for each block pair from speed 1-35 will earn a total of 6300 points.

Block Clear


Clearing a 2x2 block gives a base of 16 points (each individual block worth 4 points each) + 1 for each adjacent block. This number is multiplied by the combo value.

The combo value increases when you clear blocks in a way that causes blocks to fall and clear more blocks. Each successive chain increments the combo value by 1.

Block Clear Bonus

Points = [2x2s] ^ 3 x [COMBO MULTIPLIER] x [SPEED]

Sometimes you will clear more than one 2x2 block in a single move. Glancing at the formula above, the number of 2x2s you clear in a single move is cubed which can lead to extreme score spikes. Note that this is different from a combo, in which blocks are cleared in a successive stages.

Say you are on speed 10 and you clear three 2x2s. That gives 27 x 1 x 10 = 270 points. Now, say you are on speed 24 and you manage to set up a combo into clearing four 2x2s. You would earn a bonus of 64 x 2 x 24 = 3072 (!) points. These types of block structures are difficult to set up, but worth tons of points!

Void Block

Points = 1 + 2 + ... + [NUMBER OF BLOCKS CLEARED]

The Void block, which appears once every 10 speed increases, can rescue you from the brink of doom by clearing all the blocks of a single color. This tends to leave your blocks in nice, orderly arrangements and can trigger massive comeback combos. However, clearing blocks in this manner will not earn you many points. Clearing four blocks (five including the Void itself) on speed 10 will only net you 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 points, instead of 16 (base) + 10 (bonus) = 26 from clearing them as a 2x2 group.

Tech Bonus

[SPEED] x 100

If you've kept your well clear and don't need rescuing from the Void block, there is a much more lucrative use for it: Tech Bonus. If you drop your Void block onto an empty space, you will net massive points: 1000 at speed 10, 2000 at speed 20, 3000 at 30 and so on. Keeping columns clear at high speeds is no easy task but the rewards are worth it.

All Clear

[SPEED] x 100

Completely clearing your board will net you points equal to 100x the game speed but more importantly, you will earn a rare gem. True riches are revealed through clarity.

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